Lulabelle's Wild Past

Where have you been all my life? The full story exposing the gypsy life of Ms. Lulabelle is being uncovered and will be shared with the world soon!

What's Next

With most of Lulabelle's 2019 parades and social appearances behind her, she has her sights set on her upcoming weddings! Give her a call to book her for your 2019 or 2020 wedding!

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Plans for a Caravan

What does the future hold?  Lulabelle has been longing for a companion and has been talking A LOT about a trailer family to accompany her at parties. Stay tuned!

The Life of the Party

Lulabelle lives in California's Yolo County but she LOVES to travel. Seeing new places feeds her gypsy soul and gives her life purpose.

She is fully equipped with top of the line photography equipment, high quality photo props, and a friendly attendant.


I Need a Little Lulabelle in my Life...

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